Server/Game Update 11.14.19

Dear user,

We have made some changes to improve server performance and repair some errors
It is recommended that you update the files of your game before connecting.

Download link: Update 11.14.19

After-quest messages & MCPQ patch + Scroll Generator

Fixed an issue within Restore Lost Item functionality.
New custom NPC: scroll generator. Trades a scroll for bundles of common miscellaneous items.
Fixed pet autopot taking out "negative" amounts from inventory.
Added zombify and confuse diseases dispellable by all-cure potions.
Patched after-quest messages sometimes allowing player movement, that shouldn't be available until the message box is closed.
Fixed missing info about questlines on skillbook announcer NPC after recent updates.
Fixed some Aran skills not applying MP consume properly.
Cleared a few issues within MCPQ collectable solo/party items and skills.

Fixed EllinPQ rewarder NPC handing out an unexpected itemid to the player.

Implemented missing functionality for "Safety Charm" which allows 30% MaxHP/MP heal on return.
Fixed certain quest items not showing up, which would happen due to them not being quest requisites.
Fixed NPC Pi crashing players when trying to craft arrows.
Fixed pet re-evolution quest not working on Robos.
Fixed boss HPBar not disappearing in certain situations.
Implemented code support for Cygnus intro clip.
Fixed mob buff tooltips not showing on "fake" mobs in the event of them turning into "real".
Fixed portal in Ariant unexpectedly leading players who completed the "secret passageway" of Sleepywood into it.
Fixed a loop case in quest scripts from Magatia's broker having ore request.

Fixed a case where mob movements would get mistakably processed for other than the target mob during a map transition, leading to weird movements on the mob in the entered area.
Implemented functionality for "Hair Membership" coupons.
Fixed skill Body Pressure not applying the chance to neutralise on touch.
Fixed quest related to NPC Shaman Rock not completing due to unmatched progress.
Fixed an issue with updating title progress "Touch the Sky".

Overhaul of in-game text focusing on consumable items
* Cleanup of descriptions for consumable items
- Fixed broken line returns.
- Made minor adjustments to some item descriptions to make them more GMS-like.
- Fixed various typos, spelling errors, grammar problems, etc.
- Changed description of Sunrise Dew to indicate 4050 MP recovery (was 4000).
- Added description of item effects in tooltips for Heartstopper and Smore.
- Tweaked scroll and mastery book descriptions to follow a consistent format.

Credits MapleStory Development Community

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