Server/Game Update 12.07.19

Dear user,

We have made some changes to improve server performance and repair some errors
It is recommended that you update the files of your game before connecting.

Download link: Update 12.07.19

Stat pool & Skills on change field Patch + Elemental Charge broadcast

Patched account storages not getting cached properly at login time.
Reviewed item acquisition at the Cash Shop happening before point transaction.
EXP toggle flag now also works on equipment gains.
Factored several skills (Energy Charge, Wind Walk, Dash) not updating properly other players when changing maps.
Fixed "untradeable at wear"equipments losing flags upon equipping.
Reviewed Inventory Sort, now sorting projectiles at descending order on damage.
Implemented support for visibility of effects on weapons imbued with Charge skill (e.g. Paladin's Holy Charge) for other players.

Credits MapleStory Development Community

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