Bowman Guide

Complete guide for a good Bowman in version 83 of MapleStory this guide is clearly a suggestion made of pure experience of old players.

 Pros and cons of an Archer

- Long attacking range
- Fun skills in 3rd job and onwards
- Relatively good damage throughout all the job advancements (except for 1st job)
- Very good at parties and bossing in 4th job
- Able to solo most bosses thanks to Puppet and long attacking range
- A lot of skills to use in 3rd job, making training interesting
- Pretty balanced class overall

- Low HP unwashed
- Can’t use most skills in short range (bow whacking)
- Weak and slow in 1st job and in the beginning of 2nd job
- 3rd job skill Inferno is less useful than Sniper’s equivalent skill Blizzard, and likewise 4th job summon Phoenix is less useful than Marksman’s counterpart Frostprey
- No party skills until 4th job
- No mobility skills unlike other ranged DPS classes (Flash Jump for Night Lords, Recoil Shot for Corsairs)

AP builds

As a Hunter, you will need Dexterity as your main stat and some Strength to equip your weapons. For the most parts, Archer armors do not require STR to wear, so you can abuse this fact when scrolling your gear (explained later).

The required STR to wear your weapons is always your level + 5, so a level 70 bow would require 75 STR to wear, and a level 100 bow requires 105 STR and so on. Exception to this are the Maple Weapons and some weapons that come from Gachapon.

STR-less into low STR

I started playing my archer as my very first character in Maple Royals, so I would argue that anyone can do this build with no funding at all as long as you have some sort of general idea of how Maplestory works. The idea of the build is to pump all your points into DEX and wear Maple bows until you hit a high level (90-ish) and start pumping some points into STR so you can wear regular class weapons.

An example for the build:

At this point you have to start thinking, what is the first real bow you want to use and plan your base STR accordingly. Good options are the level 80 bow Arund, which requires 85 STR, and the level 90 bow Metus, which requires 95 STR. My personal recommendation would be to stick with a well scrolled Kandiva until you can wear Metus, because standard class bows are one step slower than Maple bows. So even if your damage range on your stat screen with a slower bow might be higher, it doesn’t mean that you’d be actually doing more damage per minute with your slower bow.

You can get some freebie STR points without much of investment into STR gear from Zakum helmet (+15) and Deputy star (+5). Added to this, many of the Archer class armors give big chunk of STR and DEX, and since you don’t need any STR to wear those items, you can easily use your armor to keep your base STR low. These values depend on the kind of gear you have in your possession, but a good rough number where you should keep your STR would be around 50-60 base STR or so. You can go higher, or you can go lower. AP resets are cheap in Royal MS, so you aren’t too committed either way you go. Good end game weapons to keep your eyes on are Nisrock and Dragon shiner bow, which require 105 and 110 STR respectively.


- Maple weapons have faster attacking speed than regular bows, plus they provide HP and some speed
- Many bows drop from common training locations, meaning you can hunt them yourself or buy cheaply
- Higher DPS than regular STR archer build


- Getting to level 35 so you can wear your first real bow can be annoying
- You need to do some theorycrafting on when and how much STR you should add when you start reaching 3rd job

Low STR-build

In this build you want to keep your STR high enough, so you can wear all the bows at their corresponding levels. Again, you need your level + 5 STR to wear regular bows, so keep that in mind.

An example of what the build could look like:

The build I provided as example leaves you just a bit below the required STR that you’d need to wear your Bows, but to fix this I recommend you find Archer overalls, shoes and hats to get those last few remaining points in STR without actually spending the AP. At level 50 you can wear a Zakum helmet and a Deputy star, which will help greatly with keeping your base STR lower.


- Class bows look nice
- With Royal MS’ Godly item system, you can have some nice damage spikes if you find a good bow
- Can still wear STR-less bows for that extra attack speed (although the points invested into str will sort of be wasted)
- Items that give stats to both STR and DEX (Zakum helmet, Deputy star etc.), benefit you double with correct planning compared to STR-less build


- Ever so slightly lower DPS than STR-less build until 3rd job levels when both builds come together

1st job skill build

Level 10 1 Arrow Blow
Level 11 3 Blessing of Amazon (3)
Level 12 3 Eye of Amazon (3)
Level 13 3 Eye of Amazon (6)
Level 14 2 Eye of Amazon (8 MAX), 1 Critical Shot
Level 15-20 3 Critical shot (19)
Level 21 1 Critical shot (20 MAX), 2 Double shot
Level 22-27 3 Double shot (MAX)
Level 28-30 Focus (9)

End results:

[​IMG] MAX Critical shot (20)
[​IMG] MAX Eye of Amazon (8)
[​IMG] MAX Double shot (20)
[​IMG] 3 Blessing of Amazon
[​IMG] 9 Focus
[​IMG] 1 Arrow Blow

2nd job skill build

Level 30 1 Arrow Bomb
Level 31-36 3 Mastery (18)
Level 37 1 Mastery (19), 2 Bow Booster
Level 38 3 Bow Booster (5)
Level 39 1 Bow Booster (6), 2 Arrow Bomb (3)
Level 40-48 3 Arrow Bomb (MAX)
Level 49-54 3 Power Knock Back (18)
Level 55 2 Power Knock Back (MAX), 1 Bow Booster (7)
Level 56-59 3 Bow Booster (19)
Level 60 1 Bow Booster (MAX), 2 Soul Arrow
Level 61-66 3 Soul Arrow (MAX)
Level 67 1 Bow Mastery (MAX), 2 Focus (1st job skill)
Level 68-70 3 Focus


Level 30 1 Arrow Bomb
Level 31-39 3 Arrow Bomb (28)
Level 40 2 Arrow Bomb (MAX), 2 Bow Mastery
Level 41 3 Bow Mastery (5)
Level 42-43 3 Bow Booster (6)
Level 44-48 3 Bow Mastery (MAX)
Level 49-70 Same build as above

End results:

[​IMG] MAX Bow Mastery (20/20)
[​IMG] MAX Bow Booster (20/20)
[​IMG] MAX Arrow Bomb (30/30)
[​IMG] MAX Power Knock Back (20/20)
[​IMG] MAX Soul arrow (30/30)
[​IMG] [​IMG] 11 points into Focus or Blessing of Amazon
[​IMG] Zero points in Final Attack

3rd job skill build

[​IMG] Arrow Rain first- build

Level 70 1 Strafe
Level 71 3 Mortal Blow
Level 72 2 Mortal Blow (5), 1 Arrow Rain
Level 73-80 3 Arrow Rain (28)
Level 81 2 Arrow Rain (MAX), 1 Strafe (2)
Level 82-90 3 Strafe (29)
Level 91 1 Strafe (MAX), 2 Puppet
Level 92 3 Puppet (5)
Level 93 1 Puppet (6), 2 Silver Hawk
Level 94-102 3 Silver Hawk (29)
Level 103-106 3 Puppet (18)
Level 107 2 Puppet (MAX), 1 Inferno
Level 108-120 Points divided between Mortal Blow, Thrust and Inferno (explained below).

[​IMG] Strafe first-build

Level 70 1 Strafe
Level 71-79 3 Strafe (29)
Level 80 1 Strafe (MAX), 2 Puppet
Level 81 3 Puppet (5)
Level 82-88 3 Silver Hawk (21)
Level 89 3 Puppet (8)
Level 90 1 Puppet (9), 2 Mortal Blow

At this point you can choose wether you want to get more points into Puppet mainly for hunting Headless Horseman, or if you want to start pumping points into Arrow Rain to prepare you for Himes. For the sake of the written guide, I went with Arrow Rain route, since level 9 Puppet already provides 30 seconds of uptime.

Level 91 3 Mortal Blow (5)
Level 92-101 3 Arrow Rain (MAX)
Level 102-104 3 Puppet (18)
Level 105 2 Puppet (MAX), 1 Silver Hawk (22)
Level 106-107 3 Silver Hawk (28)
Level 108 1 Silver Hawk (29, 2 into anything
Level 109-120 read Inferno vs Mortal Blow vs Thrust below and take your pick​

[​IMG] Puppet 

Ever wanted to start a fight with someone and then blame it on your dumb friend who’ll gladly take the blame and beating for you while you throw in some punches from distance? Well that’s exactly what Puppet does for you. Puppet is an interesting skill that no other class in vanilla Maplestory can match, and mastering it will be a key when hunting at many areas.

Watch this clip and whenever they say the word “rifle”, replace it with “Puppet”.

Done? OK good. Basically how Puppet works is, it draws the aggro of monsters to him instead of you. If monsters are in non-aggrod state, it will do nothing, but if the monsters are chasing you and you cast Puppet, they’ll stop chasing you and will go after the Puppet instead. This means that if you place Puppet in places where the monsters can’t reach, they’ll be trying to get to the Puppet in vain while you just keep shooting them. Puppet’s HP and defense are a bit wonky, and he can take quite bit of beating despite his relatively low HP.​

Thrust vs Inferno vs Mortal blow

I feel like this deserved its own segment. The core build for Ranger is pretty much set in stone, but with these three skills people’s opinions vary.

3rd job end results:

[​IMG] Strafe MAX
[​IMG] Arrow Rain MAX
[​IMG] Puppet MAX
[​IMG] Silver Hawk (29)

And based on your own preference;
[​IMG] Mortal Blow (5/20)
[​IMG] Inferno (1/30)
[​IMG] Thrust (0/5/X)

4th job skill overview and skill builds

Congratulations on reaching 4th job! You did the thing! There are a plenty of different ways you can build your Bowmaster depending on what you want to achieve with your character. The core for all Bowmaster builds is pretty much the same, getting 1 Hurricane and 9 points into Sharp Eyes as soon as possible and afterwards concentrating on maxing Hurricane, Sharp Eyes and Bow expert in order of your choice. By now you should have a pretty good understanding on how you like to play your archer, so plan your build accordingly.

Upon advancing to 4th job, you'll start out with Sharp Eyes, Maple Warrior, Bow Expert and Hamstring skills. The rest you need to obtain via skill quests. Plenty has written a wonderful guide on how to get these skills and their mastery books, so check it out if you need guidance.

Bowmaster skill overview

[​IMG] Hurricane: Launches arrows at a tremendous speed, as chaotic as a nasty rainstorm.”

Level 1: Damage 51%
Level 30: Damage 100%

[​IMG] Sharp Eyes: “Provides the party members an ability to locate the enemy’s weakness, and in turn inflict lethal damage by exploiting it.”

Level 1:
 For 10secs, Critical rate 1% and Critical Damage +11%
Level 30: For 300secs, Critical rate 15% and Critical Damage +40%

[​IMG] Bow Expert: “Increases the bow mastery as well as weapon attack. Only applies with a bow in hand.”

Level 1:
 Bow Mastery 65%
Level 30: Bow Mastery 90% , Weapon attack +10

[​IMG] Maple Warrior:
 “Increase the stats of all party members”

Level 1: All stats +1%, Duration 30 sec
Level 20: All stats +10%, Duration 600 sec

[​IMG] Concentrate: 
“Temporarily increases weapon attack, while simultaneously decreases skill-based MP usage. Time required between skills: 6 minutes”

Level 1: Weapon attack Increases by 11, Mana spend -2% for 120 secs
Level 30: Weapon attack increases by 26, Mana spend -50% for 240 secs

[​IMG] Phoenix: “Temporarily summons Phoenix, who is fire-based. Attacks up to 4 monsters.”

Level 1: Basic attack 305, for 113 secs
Level 30: Basic attack 550, for 200 secs

[​IMG] Dragon's breath: “Drawing from the dragon’s spirit, enables one to launch a powerful arrow. Because of its tremendous force, if hit, the monster will be knocked back a great distance.”

Level 1: Attack 42%, attacks up to 4 enemies
Level 30: Attack 100%, attacks up to 6 enemies

[​IMG] Hamstring: “Attacks a monster’s leg with a given success rate, slowing it down tremendously in the process.”

Level 1: within 35 secs with success rate 11%, decreases enemy’s speed by 2 for 5 secs
Level 30: within 180 secs, with success rate 40%, decreases enemy’s speed by 60 for 15 secs

[​IMG] Hero’s will: “Cures you from being seduced. The cooldown decreases as the skill level increases.”

Level 1: Cooldown 600 sec
Level 5: Cooldown 360 sec

The holy trinity for Bowmasters’ skill builds is Sharp Eyes, Hurricane and Bow Expert. These three you want to have maxed as soon as possible, but the order can be somewhat determined by you and by which mastery books you have at hand. Still, I have listed out two cookie cutter builds for you to try out.

Sharp Eyes first-build

Level 120 2 Sharp Eyes(2), 1 Hurricane
Level 121-122 3 Sharp Eyes (8)
Level 123 2 Sharp Eyes (10), 1 Bow Expert

After getting at least 9 points into Sharp Eyes, you can also drop a point into Phoenix or Dragon Pulse if you want, mainly for fun.

Level 124-129 3 Sharp Eyes (28)
Level 130 2 Sharp Eyes (MAX), 1 Hurricane (2)
Level 131-133 3 Hurricane (11)
Level 134-137 3 Hurricane (20)
Level 138 1 Hurricane (21) 2 (??)​

After this point you can either pump points into Hurricane or start working on Bow expert. 21 is a good stopping point for Hurricane, since it gets a big 11% damage boost per one skill point compared to the regular 1% per point. After maxing out both Hurricane and Bow Expert, you should invest points into Maple Warrior. The rest of the skills are up to your personal preference in order, but most likely in the order; Maple Warrior > Concentrate > Phoenix > Dragon Pulse > Hamstring.​

Explanation for the build:

Hurricane first-build

Level 120 1 Hurricane, 2 Sharp Eyes
Level 121-122 3 Sharp Eyes (8)
Level 123 1 Sharp Eyes (9), 1 Bow Expert

At this point you can put one point into Phoenix or Dragon Pulse if you want.

Level 124-130 3 Hurricane (21)
level 131 3 Sharp Eyes (12)
Level 132-138 3 Sharp Eyes (MAX) or 2 Sharp eyes (29), 1 anything
Level 139 Hurricane / Bow Expert

Stopping Hurricane at 21, because at 21 we get a big boost in damage for a single skill point, and the rest skill points until skill level 30 would only add another 1% per level. The next points would be pumped into Sharp Eyes to benefit our party members during Boss runs, because you want to start doing Krexel and other major bosses in your 130s.

Explanation for the build:

After finishing your core build

By around level 150 you will have maxed out Sharp Eyes, Hurricane and Bow Expert in the order that suits you the best. After this you will most likely want to invest at least 9 points into Maple Warrior, and then start working on Concentrate. If you feel like you'll have no need for Concentrate, you can also go with Phoenix for that extra bit of damage. By this point you should know what you want.

Training locations

Level 10-15 [​IMG] 

Henesys - Henesys Hunting grounds 2
Athena Pierce’s Quests (while training)
Ellinia - Southern forest I, (Slime tree)
Orbis exchange quest (funded)
Arwen’s glass shoe-quest (funded, repeatable)

Level 16-30 [​IMG] 

Kerning City - Subway (Bubblings)

Perion - Land of Wild Boar I & 2 (Wild Boars)
Kerning City Party Quest
Sleepywood - Ant tunnel and the “99” kill quests
Perion - Excavation site I & 3 (Wooden Masks)
Ludibrium - Terrace Hall or Cloud Terrace 1/3 (Brown Teddies)
Orbis exchange quest (funded)
Arwen’s glass shoe-quest (repeatable)

Level 30-50 [​IMG] 
Perion - Land of Wild Boar (Wild Boars)
Perion - The burnt land (Fire Boars
Ellinia - Monkey Forest 2 (Zombie lupins)
Ludibrium - Terrace Hall or Cloud Terrace 1/3 (Brown Teddies)
Ludibrium - Helios Tower 100th floor (Retz)
Ludibrium - The Path of Time 1 (Platoon Chronos)
Ludibrium - Lost time 2 (Master Chronos)
Ludi PQ

Level 51-75 [​IMG] 
Ludi Maze PQ
Ludibrium - Lost time 2 (Master Chronos)
Sleepywood - Forest of Golem (Mixed Golem, Dark Golem)
El Nath - Forest of dead trees 3/4 (Coolie Zombie)
New Leaf City - Sophilias bedroom (Voodoos)
Singapore - Ghost ship 2 or 5 (Slimy, Selkie)
Masteria - Lower Ascent (Wind Raiders)

Level 75-95 [​IMG]

New Leaf City - Mesogears, Wolf Spider cavern (Wolf spider)
Aqua Road - Dangerous sea gorge 1 & 2 (Black Squid, Riselle Squid)
Aqua Road - Deep sea gorge 1 (Gobies and Bonefish)
Leafre - Destroyed dragon nest (Jr.Newtie sniping)

Level 95-120 [​IMG] 

Zipangu - Encounter with Buddha (Hime)
Aqua Road- Dangerous sea gorge 1 & 2 (Black Squid, Riselle Squid)
Aqua Road - Deep sea gorge 1 (Gobies and Bonefish)
Leafre - Destroyed dragon nest (Jr.Newtie)
Leafre - Destroyed dragon nest (Nest Golem) (the platform above where you’d snipe Jr.Newties)
Phantom Forest - Various maps (Headless Horseman)
Temple of Time quests

Level 120-200 [​IMG] 
Skill quests at levels 120-122
Ludibrium - Deep inside of Clock Tower (Papulatus)
Zipangu - Parlor (Anego)
Zakum (arms or full run)
Phantom Forest - Various maps (Headless Horseman)
Temple of Time (quests)

- Fius (From MSRoyals)

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