Warrior Guide

Complete guide for a good Warrior in version 83 of MapleStory this guide is clearly a suggestion made of pure experience of old players.

1] Welcome to your journey as a Maplestory Warrior:

Congratulations on picking what type of adventurer you want to be! A small, but important step!

Just what is a Maplestory Warrior?
Weapon-wise, a warrior uses melee weapons such as swords, spears, axes, maces (blunt weapons), and pole arms. All of the subclasses are unique in their very own way. Warriors are known to be efficient mobers as well as bossers with very high survivability and a fair damage output.
Stat-wise, a warrior puts a majority of its AP in to STR, and puts some of its AP in to DEX for accuracy, only a couple of warrior weapons have a DEX requirement (Stonetooth). AP Builds are explained later.

Why be a Warrior?

Warriors are a very simple but fun class. Builds are simple and it’s really hard to mess something up. They can survive many attacks without dying and boss really nicely. Their durability gives comfort while bossing while you still have the power to deal some nice damage. End-game cost is much cheaper in respect to Bowmasters and Nightlords.


2] Picking a Class:

There are three subclasses of the warrior. Pick which one to chose based on your weapon preference, training preference, and overall game play preference.

[​IMG] Spearman/Dragon Knight/Dark Knight [​IMG]
The Dark Knight is a very supportive class that uses Spears and Pole Arms for weapons. They are loved in parties for their ability to raise the party's Max HP/MP. Dark knights have a spammable full screen AOE attack that makes them excellent farmers. In the late game, a good DrK has mastered using Berserk, keeping their HP below 40% to double their damage.

  • Highly desired in parties
  • Excellent mobbing/farming ability
  • High damage stability
  • No Power Guard, less damage reduction
  • Need really nice HP control to Zerk
  • Less base HP than Hero/Paladin

[​IMG] Fighter/Crusader/Hero [​IMG]
The Hero is a very well-rounded warrior. Heroes can use either Swords or Axes, and are able to dish out steady DPS and boss effectively. Their Brandish attack makes them good at mobbing and single damage. They can either train alone or with others. The hero is considered the typical warrior, they’re the most picked and have nice attributes in all ways.

  • Very stable damage output
  • Very good at single and multiple target damage
  • Brandish has a very nice range
  • One attack for everything, boring
  • No AOE mobbing skill

[​IMG] Page/White Knight/Paladin [​IMG]
The Paladin is unique in the way that they add elemental attacks to their normal attacks. Paladins are able to add the elements Ice, Fire, Lightning, and Holy to their Swords and Blunt Weapons. It can give a vast amount of strength on certain bosses, but it can also hurt your damage, so you must know a monster's weaknesses and resistances, a Paladin's damage output is very dependent on the enemy. The Paladin has a very unique ‘ultimate' which is an AOE attack that lowers near enemies to 1 or kills weak mobs. As they don’t have any party skills, they aren’t as accepted into parties, but The Paladin is extremely good at pinning many bosses that other classes cant.

  • Knockback almost every boss
  • High defense and survivability
  • High damage AOE ultimate
  • High dependence on elemental weaknesses
  • Ultimate end game is hurt by damage cap
  • Very short range attacks


3] Choosing Your Weapon:

It's a good idea to pick out your main weapon early on, all of the classes have certain skills that work with specific weapons.


The Hero:
  • Most end weapons faster attack than Axe (Stonetooth, 1h Swords)
  • Lower base attack
  • Higher minimum attack (More stable)
  • More common (Easier to find)
  • More expensive
  • Slower than the Stonetooth
  • Higher base attack
  • Lower minimum attack (Less stable)
  • Hard to find (People throw away/NPC items and scrolls)
  • Inexpensive

Recommended: Sword
Without SI, Swords have too much of an advantage over axes to be even comparable.


The Dark Knight:

Recommended: Hybrid

Pole Arms and Spears share the same max-damage weapon multiplier for their respective attacks [Slash-PA, Stab-Spear], so the only difference would be the weapon itself. End-game you will mostly be using spears, but starting 3rd job with a PA build is a lot easier than with a Spear, So I like to go with a hybrid build that doesn't make you lose anything.


The Paladin:
It’s pretty much impossible to go true hybrid with the Paladin, for each elemental charge has a different weapon choice.
  • Almost all are faster than the Blunt weapons
  • Lower base attack
  • Higher minimum attack (More stable)
  • More common (Easier to find)
  • More expensive
Blunt Weapons:
  • Almost all slower than swords (Except Skull Crusher and Morning Star)
  • Higher base attack
  • Lower minimum attack (Less stable)
  • Very uncommon (Items/scrolls are npced/thrown away)
  • Very Inexpensive

Recommended: Sword or BW
With no lunchbox and a crushed skull in this server, BW has an opportunity to have the highest DPS for a pally, but swords are more reliable and stable.


4] AP Builds.

Warriors need to pay attention to their AP because they need accuracy to hit monsters. Your accuracy is raised 

Your Dex
Excluding the DEX requirement for the Stonetooth Sword and Night Raven, the only reason a Warrior should have DEX is for accuracy purposes. DEX raises a character’s ACC by 0.8 (And LUK raises ACC by 0.5!)
So I don’t believe in DEX builds, because the goal here is accuracy, not DEX. So here’s what you really want:

Accuracy = 145-160

This should be what you’re aiming for. Now you don’t need this much at level 60, but it should be your goal by maybe level 150. At this range you should be able to hit what you can kill. (Don’t try killing Bigfoot at 120) So before you go and calculate how much DEX you’re going to have, here’s a few tips;
  • An average clean Zakum Helmet gives about 40-42 ACC
  • Holding a weapon with max mastery gives 20 ACC
  • Sniper potions can give 10 ACC
  • A +3 Horntail Necklace can give 68 ACC!

So this subtracts your needed accuracy by 70 (138 with HTN), leaving you with an unfilled 75-90 ACC (8-22 with HTN). You can fill in this gap by scrolling DEX pants, overalls, earring, shoes, glasses and capes, and then you can resort to adding DEX as AP.

So basically AP builds are just what DEX you want to start out at. How you start your character can affect your training speed and damage. But since this is MapleRoyals, you can just buy your AP from people for 5m or from the cash shop, so you can always fix a mistake. So for the sake of not being yelled at, I’ll give two ‘builds’: I’ll call them No-DEX, and DEX-Have.

You're “Dexless”; start off with 4 DEX, and you end with 4 DEX, no change throughout the game. This build is for people who have made characters and scrolled/bought warriors equipments already and decide to make a warrior. If you are new and unless you have an outside source of funding and knowledge of what you’re doing, do not go this way, it’ll just be annoying as hell.

Guess what you have? DEX! You don’t want to deal with missing and you don’t have the proper equips that make you No-DEX. But that’s alright, you can get them over time and then just use AP resets to lower your DEX to No-DEX. Now when you start out, what is idealistic is to have your DEX be twice your level and then STOP at level 30. You have 60 DEX, look at your future and then add or subtract as you want. 60 is a very good base.

What Not To Do (AKA High-DEX):
Avoid going over 80 base DEX, after that you're just sacrificing a lot of damage, DONT DO IT.

Link: [​IMG] Here is a dependable accuracy calculator if you are unsure if you can hit a monster.

[​IMG] HP Washing; What is it and how?

HP washing is the act of using AP resets and your base MP to achieve a greater base HP. It's a semi-complicated process of turning your MP into HP. Here's how most people do it:

1] Create character
2] With extra AP, put 1 AP into HP
3] Use AP reset to take out of MP, and put into base stat.
4] Rinse and repeat.

To boost the amount of washes possible, people will add AP into int to gain more MP each time they level or every time they put AP into MP. But for warriors you shouldn't have to do this, you should be able to get to 20k hp without any INT.
There is a minimum MP that you can't pass, so take notice to that
For Spearman: MinMP = (4 x Lvl) + 156 (956 at Lvl 200)
For Fighters/Pages: MinMP = (4 x Lvl) + 56 (856 at Lvl 200)

Here's a really great AP washing guide that goes into much more detail than I do

Now for warriors HP washing isn't completely vital, but it does help a lot. It makes bossing much more comfortable and makes bezerking a lot easier for Dark Knights.


5] [​IMG] First Job: The Swordsman

Congratulations! You are now a Warrior! Enjoy your new Testosterone-filled lifestyle and smash your enemies to pieces!

You must max Improving Max HP Increase to get maximum HP.

End Result:
  • Max Imp. Max HP
  • Max Power Strike
  • Max Slash Blast
  • 6 on anything + 5 HP Recov.

It is recommended that you get a high Slash Blast rather than a high Power Strike as you will level faster mobbing.


6] [​IMG] The Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight is a strong mob-based warrior, as all of their abilities can attack multiple enemies (Excluding power strike and sacrifice), which also includes a special spam-able full screen attack that the Paladin and Hero do not have, making them effective farmers. As in the name, they can use Spears. They are also able to use Pole Arms. Dark Knights are highly accepted into parties for their Hyper Body skill. In their fourth job they have a summon buddy that heals, buffs and provides extra stability as well as attack.

2nd Job: The Spearman

Okay, if there was a time to choose your first weapon, it would be now. I know it’s a hybrid build, but you still have to choose your first weapon.

W1= Weapon One
W2= Weapon Two

Skill Build:

End Result:
  • Max 1st Mastery
  • Max 1st Booster
  • Max Hyper Body
  • Max 2nd Mastery
  • Max 2nd Booster
  • 3 Iron will + 8 on anything

Second job is basically getting your essential skills, Mastery for higher accuracy and more stable damage. Start off with a 60 second booster, that will get you through until you get the rest of your skills maxed. Once you get Hyper body it will help you and make you wanted in parties. After you max that get the mastery and booster on the other weapon and you’re set.

3rd Job: The Dragon Knight

Starting out your 3rd job, I would suggest you go with a Pole Arm first, it’s a great mobbing skill to start out with and it doesn't get fuck with you as you try to level it up. But it’s completely your choice, if you go spear first be careful on how you level the ability.

Skill Build:

End Result:
  • Max Spear Crusher
  • Max Pole Arm Fury
  • Max Elemental Resistance
  • Max Dragon’s Roar
  • Max Sacrifice
  • 18 Power Crash

Dragons Blood is an ability not to be used while bossing. While using it, it lowers your hp. In bossing situations this can kill you when the boss lowers your HP to one. Also, Dragons Blood cancels out Apples.
You dont need to max Power Crash so your last priority will be Sacrifice, which deals a fair amount of damage but is really helpful when you want to get into berserking range later on.

Important Skills: (Should max these)

[​IMG] Spear Crusher – Max Lvl 30: MP -24; Basic attack 170%, attack 3 enemy 3 times
[​IMG] Dragon Fury (PA) – Max Lvl 30: HP -30, MP -20; Basic attack 250%
[​IMG] Dragon Roar – Max Lvl 30: HP -30%, MP -30; Basic attack 240%, range 400%, stunned for 2 seconds
[​IMG] Elemental Resistance – Max Lvl 20: 40% resistance against magic attacks
[​IMG] Sacrifice - Max Lvl 30: Basic attack 350%, sacrifice 5% HP from damage

4th Job: The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight doesn’t really get any active attacks, instead it gets passive and utility abilities along with additional buffs, so the Dark knight is still using Spear Crusher and PA Fury. The Dark Knight will receive the Berserk ability, which will double their damage, but they will have to get used to keeping their HP low to have it activated.

Skill Build:

End Result:
  • Max Beholder
  • Max Berserk
  • Max Maple Warrior
  • 20 Hex
  • Max Aura
  • Max Rush
  • Max Stance
  • Max Achilles
  • Max Hero's Will
  • 33 into anything

After level 20, Hex starts to add attack every 20 seconds, and in bossing situations that cancels out your apples. So leave it at 20 and you’ll be fine.

One Rush for mobbing purposes, and rushing stance gives you overall more control. Then you get your bonus stability and damage with Beholder and Berserk, and by then you should be bossing, mainly killing Bigfoots. The build then builds up defense that will help you berserk at BF and gives you Hero's will by the time you can get into HT frequently.

Important Skills: (Should max these, except Hex. Keep Hex at Lvl 20)

[​IMG] Berserk – Max Lvl 30: When HP falls to 40% and below, damage increases by 200%
[​IMG] Beholder – Max Lvl 10: MP -60, summon Beholder for 20 minutes, Mastery +20%.
[​IMG] Aura of Beholder – Max Lvl 25: For every 4 secs, recovers HP + 500.
[​IMG] Hex of Beholder – Max Lvl 25 (Keep at 20) Lvl 20: Buff for W. def, M. def, acc and avoid every 20secs for 80secs.
[​IMG] Maple Warrior – Max Lvl 30: MP -60, for 900 secs, all stats + 15%
[​IMG] Power Stance – Max Lvl 30: MP -50; For 300secs, prevent from getting Knock-backed with success rate 90%.
[​IMG] Achilles – Max Lvl 30: Damage taken from enemy -15%.


7] [​IMG] The Hero

The Hero is a very well-rounded warrior. Heroes can use either Swords or Axes. They are able to dish out a steady damage per minute and boss effectively. Their Brandish attack makes them good at mobbing and single damage. They can either train alone or with others.

2nd Job: The Fighter

Skill Build:

End Result:
  • Max Mastery
  • Max Booster
  • Max Rage
  • Max Power Guard
  • 27 into anything (Except Final Attack)

Standard build, mastery and one-minute booster to get you by. Power guard is a lifesaver. Rage is also a big helper. And finish it off with whatever you want.

3rd Job: The Crusader

The Crusader is when it separates from the other warriors, this is when the crusader receives its all important Combo Attack, significantly increasing its Damage Per Minute. It will also receive two new attacks, Coma and Panic, both depend on Combo attack. Coma is used on mobs and Panic is used on a single monster.

Skill Build:

End Result:
  • Max Combo
  • Max Coma
  • Max Panic
  • Max Shout
  • 61 into anything.

Combo and its orbs greatly increases your damage per minute. Now some people like to use coma for mobbing, and some people just keep a high DPM and don’t use coma or panic. Panic is never used in training as it just makes you have to build up your orbs again. It isn’t used in bossing because people will just keep orbs and maintain a higher DPM.

Important Skills: (Should max these)

[​IMG] Combo Attack – Max Lvl 30: MP -35; Weapon attack +220% for 200 seconds, max combo counter 5
[​IMG][​IMG] Coma – Max Lvl 30: HP -25, MP -26; Basic attack +200%, 90% probability to stun enemy
[​IMG][​IMG] Panic – Max Lvl 30: Use 24 MP, Damage 350%, Attack with Dark Power 90%

4th Job: The Hero

The Hero gets a new main attack: Brandish, and can attack a small group with high damage. Brandish has a nicely fixed range, which means it is the perfect attack to go one-handed with. And the DPM gets even better with Advanced Combo.

Skill Build:

End Result:
  • Max Brandish
  • Max Adv Combo
  • Max Stance
  • Max Rush
  • Max Maple Warrior
  • Max Achilles
  • Max Guardian
  • Max Hero's Will
  • 35 on anything else.

Rush for mobbing purposes and Brandish will be your main attack from now on so max that. Finish Adv Combo and get stance for Bossing. Maple Warrior for more damage and pile up those defensive skills, picking up Hero's will for Horntail.

Important Skills: (Should max these)

[​IMG] Advanced Combo Attack – Max Lvl 30: Damage + 30% , Max Combo counter.
[​IMG] Brandish – Max Lvl 30: MP - 25 , Damage 260%, Attack up to 3 enemies.
[​IMG] Maple Warrior – Max Lvl 30: MP -60, for 900 secs, all stats + 15%
[​IMG] Power Stance – Max Lvl 30: MP -50; For 300secs, prevent from getting Knock-backed with success rate 90%.
[​IMG] Achilles – Max Lvl 30: Damage taken from enemy -15%.


8] [​IMG] The Paladin

The Paladin is unique in the way that they add elemental attacks to their normal attacks. Paladins are able to add the elements Ice, Fire, Lightning, and Holy to their attacks. Paladins are able to use Swords and Blunt Weapons. As they don’t have any party skills, they aren’t as accepted into parties. The Paladin is an extremely independent class as they usually train alone. The Paladin is a no-go for Hybrid, so make sure you know what weapon you’ll use before choosing.

Before you advance make sure you know what weapon you’ll use. Or things will get complicated.

2nd Job: The Page

Skill Build:

End Result:
  • Max Mastery
  • Max Booster
  • Max Power Guard
  • 3 Threaten
  • 48 into Anything (Except Final Attack)

You don't really get much as a Page, you'll have so much extra SP at the end you could get the alternate weapon's Mastery and Booster maxed.

3rd Job: The White Knight

The White Knight is the stage when it really stands out against other warriors; they receive their elemental attacks. It takes some time to get used to, first you have to level up some, and then find out where to train. But after the first fifteen levels, training becomes smooth sailing.

Skill Build:

End Result:
  • Max Fire/Flame Charge
  • Max Ice/Blizzard Charge
  • Max Thunder/Lightning Charge
  • Max Charged Blow
  • 32 on anything.

Getting the fire charge first opens up your training spots to a lot of places, there are a lot of monsters that are fire-weak. Max that then max the other elements and then charged blow.

Important Skills: (Should max these)

[​IMG] Charged Blow – Max Lvl 30: HP -25, MP -26; Weapon attack +250% and 90% probability to stun enemy.
[​IMG][​IMG] Fire/Flame Charge – Max Lvl 30: MP -35; Adding flame attribute and weapon att. +120% for 200 seconds.
[​IMG][​IMG] Ice/Blizzard Charge – Max Lvl 30: MP -35; Adding ice attribute and weapon att. +110% for 200 seconds
[​IMG][​IMG] Thunder/Lightning Charge – Max Lvl 30: MP -35; Adding thunder attribute and weapon att. +125% for 200 seconds

4th Job: The Paladin

The fun really starts when you become a Paladin. Not only do they get another charge, they also get two new attacks, ACB and Blast. ACB is your mobbing skill, and Blast is your single target/bossing skill. And on top of that you get the ultimate, Heaven’s hammer, which reduces the target’s HP to zero (If they have <100 a="" also="" attack="" cancel="" great="" hp="" ignores="" it="" makes="" mobbing="" span="" t="" tool="" wep.="" which="">

Skill Build:

End Result:
  • Max ACB
  • Max Holy/Divine Charge
  • Max Blast
  • Max Heaven’s Hammer
  • Max Maple Warrior
  • Max Power Stance
  • Max Achilles
  • Max Guardian
  • Max Rush
  • Max Heros Will
  • 9 on anything else

Rush for mobbing purposes and ACB for your new mobbing attack, it can even replace Power Strike until you get Blast. Holy Charge will be your best charge so max that. 20 Stance for bossing, and blast for a strong single attack. Get MW and Your ultimate, Heaven's hammer, then get those defensive skills.

Heaven’s Hammer only lower’s a monster’s HP to 1 if they have less than 100k HP. It’s not a glitch, just how it is.

Important Skills: (Should max these)

[​IMG] Advanced Charge – Max Lvl 10: Damage 350%, Charge remains intact on a success rate 100%.
[​IMG] Blast – Max Lvl 30: MP - 24 , Damage 550%
[​IMG][​IMG] Holy/Divine Charge – Max Lvl 20: MP - 30 , Damage increases by 140% for 300secs.
[​IMG] Heaven’s Hammer – Max Lvl 30: MP - 60 , Damage 900%, time required between skills 20secs.
[​IMG] Maple Warrior – Max Lvl 30: MP -60, for 900 secs, all stats + 15%
[​IMG] Power Stance – Max Lvl 30: MP -50; For 300secs, prevent from getting Knock-backed with success rate 90%.
[​IMG] Achilles – Max Lvl 30: Damage taken from enemy -15%.


9] Complete 30-200 Training Guide:

Since MapleRoyals is GMS-like, you will be training your way to places.
Tip: from 1-100, there are a lot of quests that will get your way up really fast. Take a look around, and check hidden-street for good quests.

Where you train can have a big impact on your gameplay experience; it can make you money or drain it. Give you a fast and easy level or slow and painstaking and makes you want to quit. Don’t be afraid to explore.

30-38:Land of Wild Boar 2Wild Boars; 168 Exp
All Classes
Seems dumb because Wild Boars are level 25, but these mobs are huge enough that they can last you a while, they also drop a lot of maple weapons, which are good to NPC for money if you are new.

36-46:Lost time <1>:Platoon Chronos; 396 Exp ($)
A great place for this level, mobs everywhere, and some nice drops such as GFA 60%, making it a place for good exp and money.

50-55:Practice Field: BeginnerStraw Target Dummies; Exp: 540
All Classes
These little guys are pretty nice, a straight line, pretty good mob maker. It will get you to the levels in-between quests. But I personally wouldn’t suggest it for a grind-fest.

55-75:Forest of Golem:Dark/MixedGolems; ($, P); Golem’s Average Exp: 840
All Classes
Great mobbing, a great place for partying, and a great money maker, pick up all of the GFA’s you find and you will break bank. It goes great with the golem quests.

45-80:Ghost Ship 2:Slimies; Exp: 1,000
All Classes
Great mobs, circle around and it’s great exp. It’s also great because it drops Dark Crystal Ores that you can use for your 3rd Job Advancement. The other rooms are nice as well too. It goes great with the Singapore Ghost Shop Quests (Link). 

80-100: Wolf Spider CavernWolfSpiders: Exp: 4,800
Dragon Knight, Crusader
Kill most of the WS on the sides, and then go in the middle for the mob. Income is reduced due to pot burn, but the total profit is sufficient. It goes great with the Urban Jungle Quest. (Link) 

85-100: Deep Sea Gorge IIGobiesExp: 5,600
Dragon Knight, Crusader
Kill the houses, and mob the Gobies, Crusaders can kill houses and then use Coma. Not much of a income due to inexpensive drops. Not much of a pot burn though (Unless you kill every single house and spend your time mobbing. 

95+ : Encounter with the Buddha: Dreamy Ghosts(Himes); (P, B) Exp: 12,800
All Classes
A good training spot since it came out. It has a flat, level surface with a great mobbing capability. They’re holy weak and another great place to train with a priest. With a Meso magnet equipped, it can turn into a profit; they also drop Earring Dex which will be helpful. I advise the Pally’s to go there after you get ACB or a decent Holy Charge. 

125+ : Nest of a Dead DragonSkelosaurus/Skelegon; ($, P) Average Exp: 18,000
All Classes
This is one of the maps you will be on the rest of your warrior career, excluding bosses. Move in circles on the middle floor and top floor, rushing and mobbing. You can also party with a Priest/Bishop here. With a meso and item bag, this can also be a good money maker just by NPCing equips. Paladins, get a good level of holy charge before coming here. 


10] Bosses:

Headless Horseman:
 Lvl 100
EXP: 1,200,000
HP: 3,500,000
Weakness: Lightning
Lowest recommended training level: 100

Papulatus (Both Forms)
: Level 125
EXP: 6,264,000
HP: 24,590,000
Weakness: None
Lowest recommended training level: 120-130
Other: Somewhat of a money waster if you use apples, but it is faster than Skeles if you do. Warning: The 2nd form does at least 4k touch damage.

Bigfoot: Level 110

EXP: 10,640,000
HP: 32,000,000
Weakness: Fire
Lowest recommended training level: 145
Other: A wonderful boss to train on if you can do it correctly. I know paladins can easily solo it with wonderful results. 7000-10000 touch damage, be cautious.

Zak Arms:
Zakum’s arms are an efficient way of training. It is suggested you pull your buddies together and make a party of 4-6 to tackle the arms. 

Zakum’s Arms Layout [Link too!]:

Level Required: 135+


Horntail is not only amazing exp, but a great way to fund your character and get skillbooks.

Level Requirement: 155+


11] Helpful Quests

In low-rate servers such as this one, doing quests can help you an insane amount in your early levels. So here are some that may help you get going faster.

Level 10: Beginner Warrior’s Training sessions.

Level 10: The Stump Horror story.

Level 10: Welcome to New Leaf City Quiz.

Level 10: Captain Al, who are you?

Level 10: The Stump Horror Story.

Level 18: Manji and the Secret Group.

Level 25: Toy Soldier’s Walnut.

Level 30: Cleaning up Eos Tower.

Level 30: Cleaning up Helios Tower.

Level 37: Brotherly Love.

Level 37: The Lost Seed.

Level 50: No Gong’s Teaching.

Level 70: Suspicious Wanderer Chain.

Level 80: Urban Jungle.


12] Recommended Equips

[​IMG] Zakum Helmet Lvl 50

Overall: Overalls are cheap and can be easily scrolled for dex. Giving you that extra accuracy you need. You pretty much have two main choices:
[​IMG] Bathrobe for men; Lvl 20. Provides +10 speed.
[​IMG] Battle Roads; Lvl 80. Provides more defence than the robes also with base stats.

Top & Bottom: With a top and bottom, you’re able to scroll the pants for dex and the top for strength. Giving you a nice mix of both attack power and accuracy. You should use the highest level equips you can get your hands on:
[​IMG] A Neos Set; Lvl 100 Use your Maker skill with Adv. Power Crystals and Adv. Dark Crystals to get the highest strength possible. You can get up to 18 str clean!

Attack Cape: If you’re gunna get an attack cape, make sure it’s good, and if it’s clean you should scroll it. Attack capes are good, but a clean 2 att pac doesn’t make as much of a difference compared to any 8 Str cape.
[​IMG] Pink Adventure Cape / Pink Gaia Cape; Lvl 50 / 65. These are usually clean with 2/3/4 attack and they’re very easy to get a hold of.

Gloves are easy. You want gloves scrolled for attack, buy them or scroll them.
[​IMG] Any Work Glove; Lvl 10. Most people use Brown work gloves for its 2-slot addition. But any work glove will do really.

[​IMG]Facestompers; Lvl 50. The only shoes with attack in the game, chaos for better (or worse) effects.

[​IMG]Maple Shield; Lvl 10. With 10 slots, you have the highest attack potential with this (Maple Warrior shield also works). Using makes the Shield Mastery Skill ineffective.


13] Weapons:

10-35; Use the normal level requirement.
35-70; Lionheart, I’m not joking. If you spent your early levels at Land of Wild Boar 2, you can easily get an above average Lionheart (Best is 61) there, with it’s fast (4) attack (Faster than the Stonetooth in fact!) it will be the weapon of choice for DPS. You can 100% it to 68 and it will get you your way to Level 70.
70-90; Use the highest attack sword you got.
End Game Weapon:
[​IMG] Stonetooth Sword: A really nice 2-h sword, Level 100, fast attack and it has a nice base attack. Requires 120 dex though, but still a very nice weapon
[​IMG] Highest Att 1-h Sword + Attack Shield: If you can get your hands on a 16+ attack shield and a decently scrolled sword, you’re in heaven. You will maximize your damage per minute and exceed an equally scrolled two-handed sword.


10-100; Use the highest level/attack spear you have, not much anything wort h to scroll.
End Game Weapons:
[​IMG] Highest Attack Spear; Since there really isn’t a special spear out there excluding skis, you just go for the highest attack.
[​IMG]Sky Skis; These little guys are the best you can get, if you can find good ones. With their faster speed, a scrolled Sky Ski will give you a very nice DPS. Gach only, so have fun.


Blunt Weapon:
10-70; use the highest level/attack BW you got.
End Game Weapons:
[​IMG] Crushed Skull; Level 120, the best BW in Maplestory, you can also add an attack shield. Get this at any chance.


10-110; use the highest level/attack Axe you have.
End Game Weapon:
There is no weapon that really stands out, so use whatever is better.


Pole Arm: 
10-90; use the highest level/attack PA you have.
End Game Weapon:
[​IMG] Purple Surfboard; Level 95, there are a few laying around in MapleRoyals from the 2nd year anniversary event, if you can find one, you found THE end game Pole arm.


Spears Vs. Pole Arms: 

Okay, let’s make this quick.
The only difference between Spears and Pole arms are different is their attack-type strength. Pole arms do extra damage on Slash attacks while Spears do extra damage on Stab attacks. Now since there are 3rd job attacks that don’t follow the ratio, that’s basically out of the question. So now you’re left with the kind of attack, and the weapon itself.

Spears (and crusher) are a nice, overall choice. Crusher attacks 3 mobs so it is great for small mobs, and it still has the power to boss. Spears usually have a faster speed than Pole Arms, and are usually easier to obtain.

Pole Arms (and fury) are really nice for big mobs, since fury can attack 6 monsters, so combined with rush it can be a helpful grinding tool. Pole Arms also are a one-attack… attack. So you can knock-back bosses like Papulatus and Bigfoot a lot easier than a spear. Fury also has a longer range than fury, so you can use it to get the top-right arm of Zakum everybody hates.


Weapon Comparisons: 

Everyone wants to know which is the best weapon they can use, and most of the times it's not completely black and white, UNTIL NOW!

I've been asked many times to compare two different but similar strength weapons, and I cant do it off the top of my head every time. So here's a quick and easy way to tell which is better.

If you have both weapons:

Check your range with both, and multiply both of them by the respective weapon speed, the higher one wins.

Weapon Speed (S) Chart: (Remember that booster gives -2 to weapon speed)

If you don't have both weapons:

No fear, we'll just use the damage formula manually instead

What you'll need:
Total weapon attack with Weapon 1 and Weapon 2
Total STR with Weapon 1 and Weapon 2
Total DEX with Weapon 1 and Weapon 2
Weapon Constant [K]
Weapon Speed [S]

Max Base Damage = S(ATT/100)(K*Str + Dex)
Use that equation for both weapons, the highest one will be the best.

Weapon Type Constant (K) Chart:


Training and Bossing: 


While training, there is something more important you should focus on than Damage Per Minute. You should have your eyes on your Hits Per Kill.
The mobs you train on should only take a couple of hits for you to kill, and even having to attack a mob once more every time can have a dramatic effect on your % Per Hour.

If have a Two-handed weapon [Normal 6 speed] that can kill a mob in two hits, and a one-handed weapon [Fast 5 speed] that can kill a mob in three hits. The two-handed weapon wins. That one extra attack from the one-handed weapon will slowly take away time from you.

However, if both weapons have the same Hits Per Kill, then obviously the faster weapon wins, because then you can dish out those two attacks faster and get on with your grinding.


With nearly every bossing situation, you will be standing in one spot, spamming your attack. Bossing is where DPM truly shows, and that’s what you want. So always pick DPM if you’re wondering which weapon to pick. 
No I will not do every calculation for you; I have the formulas at the bottom for your use.

Keep in mind that some bosses are a little different than others.
  • You want to be able to knock-back Papulatus (Pole Arm Fury).
  • Try to hit as many Zarms as possible (2-H Brandish and Pole Arm Fury).
  • Top-Right Zakum arm is a bitch (Pole Arm Fury).


14] [​IMG] Using Berserk
Zerking is a tricky thing,

When you zerk of course you don't want to use your regular Honsters/Gingers, what would help are potions healing from 2000-2800 such as:
Ice Cream Pop - 2000
Chicken Rice - 2200
Satay - 2600

You can also go higher. Some people use pots that heal up to 4000-5000 such as:
Chicken Kapitan – 4000
Melting Cheese – 4000
Reindeer Mike – 5000

For Bossing you need knowledge of the boss and their attacks. What potions you use may depend on what boss you're facing

At pap, watch out for the bombs, they deal 1k damage.

If you get 1/1’d, it would be better to use your gingers/honsters to get to a safe level and then dropping back into your zerking range with either sacrafice or roar.
And if you feel uncomfortable, you can always heal past your range and then drop back down with control.

Beserking isn't something you can read about and be good at immediately, you have to get a feel for it, check your limits and get used to it.


15] FAQ and Tips

I’ll keep updating this when you ask any questions.

Sire, why did you leave Final Attack out of every SP guide?

Due to not-so recent discoveries in skills, I have left out FA because it dramatically reduces your mobbing damage, something you will be doing almost always.
The way FA works on slash blast;
1: The normal slash blast; 130% on all monsters it attacks.
2: The FA Slash blast, it calculates 250%, and then distributes that unevenly into the monsters you attacked.
For Example, you do 1k normally with each slash blast, on the FA slash blast, if you attack 5 monsters, it will do 1200 on 1st, 700 on 2nd, 300 on 3rd, 180 on 4th and 120 on the 5th monster. This makes your mobbing damage over time a lot lower than non-FA.

How Much Strength = 1 Weapon Attack?

Another question you could ask is "Which gives more damage per stat?"

Because the damage formula is dependent on STR and ATT, the amount of damage one stat gives depends on the other

Damage Formula:

[Max DMG] = (K*Str + Dex)(WAtt/100)

Damage increase:

[Per Str] = K*(WAtt/100)

[Per ATT] = (K*Str + Dex)/100


K*(WAtt/100) : (K*Str + Dex)/100

      K*WAtt : K*Str + Dex
					Assuming Dex to be minimal
  K*WAtt : K*Str
    WAtt : Str
This bring up some interesting conclusions. The ratio between damage from STR and ATT is just the ratio of your total STR and ATT, which for most warriors falls under the 1:3 to 1:7 range that we've generally accepted it to be.

"What potions do I use?"

Here on MapleRoyals, you make enough money that you don't have to worry about pot prices, use whatever potions you're comfortable using. I'm going to only post the Final set of Potions you will use.

Ginger Ale: The Ginger heals 75% of HP and MP, you’ll be set with them. [Obtainable at NLC]

Sorcerer Elixir: These heal 1500 Mp, these should recover all or most of your MP. You don't necessarily need these as Gingers/Powers will replenish MP too, but it won't hurt. [Obtainable at NLC]

Speed Pills: Will boost your speed +10, a very helpful thing to the Warrior, not available through @Shop, but you can buy them from Misky in Ludi (Link)

Accuracy Pills: If you ever need them, these will be your friend, boost accuracy by 10 so you don't have to have as much base dex. Like the Speed Pills, only available through Misky in Ludi (Link)

Warrior Elixir: Another good friend of the warrior, adds W. Att by 12, easily being able to replace the Blood and Rage skills. [Obtainable at NLC]

Cider: A potion that gives +8 more attack than the Warrior Elixer, but on a side note it also decreases Accuracy by 5, but it shouldn’t be a big deal. Obtainable at Showa Town]

"Sire, how is Beholder in MapleRoyals?"

Beholder in MapleRoyals is 100% functional. Although the beholder icon does not show, as long as you recast after changing maps, you should be fine.
The Mastery boost of Beholder is a passive and permanent buff, you will have it without having Beholder active.

Some really useful tips!
  • Having a macro for a single attack that yells '~bosshp' will input the command when you use it. Use it to save time bossing
  • Bosses (usually) cannot put debuffs on you if you got hit by an attack, sometimes the fastest way to boss is to tank touch damage.
  • Brandish has a really nice attack range, especially 2-h brandish. You can use this range to pin bosses like Anego. [link]
  • Level 4 shout has 100% stun chance
  • Heaven's Hammer ignores Cancel Wep Att and also the damage cap. It's mighty useful during Zakum's arms
  • Remember, Anego is holy weak
Dark Knight:
  • The mastery obtained from Beholder is passive and permanent, you do not have to have beholder activated.
  • Dragon's blood WILL kill you if it ticks your HP when you get 1/1'd by a boss. I recommend never using it while bossing.
  • Aura of the Beholder will not heal you out of Berzerking range


16] Notes, and Helpful Links

Warrior Damage Formula:

Weapon Attack Speed for Skills (S) (Attacks per Minute):

Weapon Type Constant (K)

Max Damage Range Chart (DEX amount set to 100)

Fully Revised HP Washing Guide [by Uponwish/PepsiBandit/Pheelo]

Hidden-Street, your Maplestory Database
: Remember this is a private server, not everything is 100% accurate.

Accuracy calculator

- Sire (MSroyals)

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