Server Update 06.28.19

Dear user,

We have made some changes to improve server performance and repair some errors. In this case it is not necessary to download anything

- Fixed Legendary Spirit UI getting stuck when trying to apply scrolls in equipments without upgrade slots available.
- Revised map leasing. Players no longer lose ownership when changing maps. Players are allowed to lease one map each time.
- Revised expeditions warping players out as soon as the leader leaves the event or the number of players inside gets to be less than the minimum required to enter.
- Implemented support for daily boss limit entry, usable on expeditions.
- Adjusted displayed date in Duey. Value displayed now should be consistent with the expected expiration time.
- Implemented support for Quick Delivery from Duey.
- Fixed Horntail specifically not dropping loots after recent updates.
- Fixed usage of Maker skill not sending MAKER_RESULT packet to players. This automatically reenables the actions button (such as create) in Maker UI.
- Adjusted minidungeons, now using time limits specified in their respective recipes.
- Fixed Gaga space event, should be functional now.
- Added RPS minigame
- Fixed damage taken from mob auto-destruction not working properly.

Credits MapleStory Development Community

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