Server/Game Update 06.18.19

Dear user,

We have made some changes to improve server performance and repair some errors
It is recommended that you update the files of your game before connecting.

Download link: Update 06.18.19

- Fixed Monster Magnet skill when used on bosses disconnecting the caster.
- Refactored usage of DB by Duey.
- Fixed stylish NPCs disconnecting players when trying to display empty styles list.
- Fixed a deadlock case within recently implemented update buff effects (conditional buffs mechanic).
- Fixed AOE mobskills not behaving well for fixed mobs (those shouldn't take into account attribute "facingLeft").
- Fixed non-flipping mobs having attribute "facingLeft" updated according to controller position.
- Fixed chalkboard being depleted upon use.
- Added MP replenishing system for mobs, gains based on its level.
- Fixed indisponibility of one-of-a-kind loots due to the killer's team already having one sample each.
- Reworked the EXP split system within the source. New behavior is expected to be GMS-like.
- Adjusted interaction within the NPC Nein Spirit's Baby Dragon area. Only players who interacts with quests within can access the area now. One player at a time, with a timeout timer.
- Fixed check of level requisites for expeditions.

Credits MapleStory Development Community

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